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About us


Our Studio

It started with conversations between New York City and Melbourne, Australia.
One sister who realised that there wasn’t a handbag brand on the market that was setting her heart on fire. And two sisters with the skillset to help her launch and grow the brand. Four years on, the Dylan Kain studio has grown. With a temporary relocation to France the brand has absorbed the elegant but strong beauty of the Parisienne girl.

The designs en noir are cool, easy, chic. The collection continues to grow as inspiration hits, not when seasons or trends dictate. With the addition of belts, small leather goods and silk, the classic but uniquely Dylan Kain DNA runs through each and every piece.

It’s a mix of classic elegance and heavy metal hardware: I+II - symbolic of the three founders behind Dylan Kain.


Our Manifesto

The manner in which we live can be seen in the eyes of our spectators.

The soul we exude should be forged with confidence.

Forever, women have held necessities.

Today we rage with identity, our fittings converse with pride and disposition.

Like a drug, we attach to our hip the feeling of electricity, a pulse within reach.

Our handbag is cardinal to our stance. It's our escape, our destination.

It's the hook to our melody that amplifies and reverberates individuality.

With proportion and elegance let your statement read fierce and sincere.



Written by Thomas Law for Dylan Kain